“Last friday, in Luz de Gas, we discovered the great talent of Opal, as a singer and artist” (Xavier Mercadé. Enderrock)

“OPAL DAZZLED AT LUZ DE GAS: The dynamic songwriter and singer dazzled the audience with a magnificent voice and her world of fantasy (…) She offered a visual and sound show where not only Opal delighted us with her dances, also a dancer entered in scene, delighting an audience already delivered and absorted by the world exposed by different atmospheres. This fantastic work stands out for the very great voice capable of everything, good melodies and arrangements” (Toni martorell. Show)

“(…) an almost two hours show, where the artist dared to 18 songs, some sung in Spanish, Catalan, French, English or Italian … Another example of the multi discipline of this beautiful catalan voice. One of the songs that I most liked was “Estrellitas” that we leave here the video, although her famous “Still life” did not left indifferent to the audience with her magnificient voice … It is worth pointing out her costume changes on stage between “act” and “act”, her sympathy and some of songs that she played in “country” style that made of the night a great night … If you have never been to one of her concerts, I highly recommend it! (Anne Gómez. Music blog Mi rollo es el indie).

“A musical journey guided, always, by the magnificient vocalist Opal” (Roger Palà, Enderrock)

“Opal, the iridescent voice” (Helena Morén. Enderrock)

“In times of stress, misunderstanding, disappointment and things that give off negativity, appears the musical angel Opal to make us believe in energy, magic and that coincidences exist.” (Albert Roca. Barnafotopress)

“Writing about Opal is, above all, speaking of a great woman. She leaves no impassive to who has the honor of hearing the beauty of her extraordinary voice, she radiates tenderness and has spiritual beauty.” (Pilar Falcon. Radio speaker)

“17 is the new work of the creative and curious Opal. Through this 17 the singer and songwriter immerse us in her particular world, in wich are personal topics and interests but at the same time, they are universal. 17 has 12 songs singed in Spanish, Catalan, English and Italian, in which we can enjoy the diferent registers of a warm and clear voice. The album is opened by the catching and brilliant -Invisible-…” (Álex Gómez Font. World 1 Music)

“A subtle folk that meets psychedelia, thus is born the third album produced in coauthory by Gemma Pedrós and Vincent Roca, a long way together that makes sound Gemma’s vocal musicality. A sound open to the emotion of the moment, calibrating the composition with the heavenly voice of the great Hispanic interpreter (…)

17 is an album to be listened on the way, an authentic journey record, best in the hot spring sunset, when the sun slowly dozes off, stroking the fields with golden highlights, the scattered houses of a bucolic life that exists and has its voice between the songs of this pair of musicians capables of giving depth to the minimum meaning of life, to its little dignity.
A voice and its colors, a guitar and its delicate arrangements, these Opal’s sounds have the name and the nuances of a jewel that is the legitimate daughter of the sun.” (Nicola Tenani. Sounds Behind The Corner)
“PUBLIC SUCCES AND CRITICAL ACCLAIM IN THE CONCERT OF OPAL AT THE AGORA THEATRE: On June 29, singer and author Opal, accompanied by guitarist and co-author Vincent Roca, made a concert premiere of his new album “17” at the Agora theatre within the festival program “30 Nits” .

There was excitement and curiosity, nobody knew what exactly was “17” and that night Opal transported the audience to a world of imagination, magic, sensitivity and emotions.

More than one album, actually presented a sound and visual show, an innovative and complete project where, through the music and the staging, were created different atmospheres.
From intimate moments where you could enjoy the sound of the voice and guitar in its purest state, through moments of rock, to other more embellished where even there was a dancer.

An evening where we could enjoy the magnificent voice of Opal, her songs with elaborate and emotional lyrics, the inspired guitar of Vicent Roca, an accurate staging, dance and projections. A cluster of elements that let the audience impressed and surrendered, and anxious to have the CD in their hands.

Everyone enjoyed the high level of performance of these two musicians who fill the entire space, an example of professionalism and good work.” (Agora Press Department)

“OPAL PACKES THE AGORA THEATER IN AND CONVINCES: There was excitement to discover the musical colors of the new Opal and thus filled the Agora Theater last Friday, within the program of the 30Nits Festival. The audience surrendered to the worked staging of the new project of the singer and songwriter from Sabadell. A very conceptual and complete work, included the part of image and coreography (…) With an inspired and complete Vincent Roca at the guitars and machines, OPAL offered substance, sensitivity and emotion.” (Editorial staff. Diari Sabadell)

“Opal makes a mix of pop, rock and soul with a touch of roots music which features an exceptional voice capable of conveying to the listener to an own artistic universe. And this, not everybody got it.” (Julià Guerrero. Journalist)

“With the voice of an angel, singer/songwriter OPAL, along with coauthor, arranger and producer V. Roca, have produced an aural treat of song based pop/rock ear candy. From the Middle Eastern influenced “Agua y Pan” to the Nashville laced “El Viento” and the socially charged title cut, OPAL takes you on a musical journey that enlightens and entertains.” (Jenpet Records)

“Twelve songs in which freshness, strength, simplicity and fusion of rhythms are the surnames of a round disc (and not just by its shape). Listening to it is a mixture of feelings that does not leave one impassive (…) If you have the chance to listen to her album do it with the five senses and, then, close your eyes and let you fill the ears of her voice, her music, of the magic that holds each of her songs.” (Toñy Espada. Canción de autor, Musicópolis)

“The singer from Sabadell Opal consolidates her interesting project with a new recording, the new album PIENSO DISTINTO (…) The musical work has been notorious, with good arrangements and songs worked under a concept, which is reflected in the attractive and elaborate design of the cover (…) the conceptual thread of the album is an effort to show the message of the title, the right to “think differently” to claim “an own opinion, an own discretion” (Carles Cascón. Journalist)

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